Enterprise delivery is a vital component for your organisation to grow, below are some key questions that we cover for you to prepare for your organisation to grow efficiently and effectively.

  • Do you have a clear definition of your enterprise to educate staff for them to understand?

  • Do you have a clear learning strategy for staff to have an overview of activities planned for them to engage?

  • Do your activities allow staff involvement in ‘supported’ risk-taking?

  • What stakeholder input do you plan to engage with from your local community?

  • Have you identified staff learning outcomes through your enterprise activities?

  • How much assessment of practical learning will be undertaken and by whom?

  • What are the ‘tools’ or process for staff assessments?

  • How are you going to record your enterprise delivery?

  • How are you going to evaluate the effectiveness of your enterprise?

 Funding for your business startup or growth is a problem that many enterprises experience difficulties, our membership is supported you with our own crowdfunding platform and accredited lenders delivered in partnership with Crowd Patch UK. We teach you multiple approaches to gain funding rather than relying on conventional methods that can become tiresome and tedious when you want to gain capital for your enterprise.