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SOSI Graduate Brochure Graduate 1

We produce business plans that are fit for purpose to present to a bank, raise funds or act as a working document to grow your business.

We underpin your plan with innovation that describes your business and brings it into the mainstream. We cover objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts within your business plan that helps you to: clarify your business idea spot potential problems.

Steps we take in writing your business plan.

  1. Research, research, research. ...
  2. Determine the purpose of your plan. ...
  3. Create a company profile. ...
  4. Document all aspects of your business. ...
  5. Have a strategic marketing plan in place. ...
  6. Make it adaptable based on your audience. ...
  7. Explain why you care.

5 Key Success Factors:

  • Strategic Focus (Leadership, Management, Planning)
  • People (Personnel, Staff, Learning, Development)
  • Operations (Processes, Work)
  • Marketing (Customer Relations, Sales, Responsiveness)
  • Finances (Assets, Facilities, Equipment)