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SOSI Graduate Brochure Graduate 1

Society Of Sales Innovation (SOSI) started out as a campaign to Get Britain Selling and is now a legally constituted cooperative society to support the sales industry internationally.

Our primary objectives are as follows:

Social Goals

1.    Raise awareness for sales to be recognised as a professional career pathway in schools, colleges and universities globally. 

2.    Reduce poverty in disadvantaged areas and countries through sales to underpin social and economic development. 

3.    Support members to release their true sales potential globally. 

4.    Establish sales driven enterprise hubs within cities globally to support our members. 

5.    Establish learning hubs within grass roots communities globally for potential sales people to develop their sales skills and gain opportunities. 

Economic Goals

1.    Increase member’s sales revenues globally through generating more sales. 

2.    Improve corporate sales ethics and CSR globally. 

3.    Lobby companies and governments to work with our member sales companies.

4.    Develop more competent professional sales people to supply demand for our global membership.  

5.    Sustain members social and economic development. 

We have identified that there are many sales organisations globally who have a need to facilitate professional growth by providing quality service provision to their sales people.  Our global sales cooperative is focusing on getting individuals and companies fit for purpose. Many of these sales organisations do not recognise the ethical, moral or legal implications within their operating environment and will proceed into doing business without any diligent behaviour.

 It is our view that sales is a global profession and is undermined and misrepresented in many countries around the world, these negative perceptions of sales people need to be replaced with a much more positive image.

Sales people create jobs, bring in business to raise economies and head organisations growth strategies, yet they are somewhat alienated as an outlier when being represented within the corporate world globally.