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SOSI Graduate Brochure Graduate 1

Social Goals

Engage with schools, colleges and universities globally to promote professional sales careers as an option for learners.

Engage with the entrepreneurial spirit that already exists within impoverished communities and transfer unacknowledged sales skills sets into organised sales skills.

Educate micro and SME member companies globally to underpin their sales activities into structured learning programs.

Encourage enterprise activity within communities whilst educating those communities on the importance of learning how to sell professionally.

Establish learning hubs within grassroots communities globally for potential salespeople to develop their sales skills and gain opportunities

Create awareness of our sales learning portal for grassroots communities to access. 

Economic Goals

Educate and empower members and their staff to put quality systems and processes in place to underpin their sales activity.

Create awareness of the importance of ethical selling and building stakeholder relationships at the grassroots.

Represent our members seeking agreements for them to expand their trading activity.

Work with our partners to develop talented salespeople                                                                                     

Inform our members of current issues, innovation and emerging opportunities.