In order to support enterprise growth, SOSI focuses more on selling the product or service for startups and existing businesses to generate growth. 

We educate our  UK and global micro and SME businesses to sell in methods that many of them could not afford and do not have the capital or practical experience to capture the returns on investment. We need to simplify our route to market and teach our up and coming micro and SME businesses to sell their product or services to their proposed prospects utilising scarce resources and new age selling skills that will enable them to generate more profits and leverage capital more effectively than the holy grail approach that is seeing most of our businesses fail day after day.

A company or individual can start selling with very little operation costs and get positive feedback on their route to market very quickly by tracking, monitoring and getting feedback from converted buyers, this approach is much more effective than speculating who their target market might be and what their position will be. Sales generate revenue, more revenue is more capital and liquidity into the business it is a simple as that.